From accident damage to restoration, we can manage all types of repairs and can tailor the treatment to suit your benefit and requirements.
Bodywork on old cars need specialist attention as design lives for components were originally often quite short. Modern materials and thinking can be employed when considering accident damaged and corrosion repairs to lengthen the lifespan of bodywork components substantially improving the lifespan of panelwork.

Body repairs can be straightforward or very complex but all types of restoration or accident damage repair can be arranged by us. We ensure each part of the repair is done by specialists with the correct equipment. Whilst sheet repairs and fibreglass can be managed in house, parts from other materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre are ?? to specialist partners who have dedicated areas and ?? effect repairs without contamination.

Trimming classic and vintage cars is specialist work and not recommended to amateurs. Due to the unfortunate recent demise of renamed coachtrimmer ‘Frank House of Cheltenham’ we a re fortunate to have secured the services of one of their long starting employees to effect our trim repairs. From small repairs to full retrims, work is carried out to a very high standard and at a surprisingly reasonable cost. When effecting seat car trim panel repairs in leather, hide colour can be shaded to blend with original trim giving very pleasing results to owners who wish to retain the integrity of their trim